Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm Back to Public

Hi, I'm back. This is for real and this is me, Aslina.

After kept this blog private for a while and doing some deep thinking about it, I've decide to change this blog status for public view again. 

And this post goes to you. My extreme stalker... Yeah, cause you have plenty of time browsing the web, right?

Well, do you enjoy stalking my life and report anything in here to him? What do you get? Satisfaction? Annoying? That's nothing to do with me. I'm not responsible with any of your feelings.

I knew most of the things happen between you and him past few years... And I should say that you are the one so selfish and greedy trying to stole him from me whlist you already have own family, "loving" husband and two wonderful kids.

Whereas I have nothing. I have no parents, living on my OWN, and I only have him in my life. I've never been married, never had kids. He is the only man in my life after my dad passed away.

We have been in relationship since 2011, a year before you met him. It really hurts me so much when you've introduce youself as his "fianceè" at the first moment you send me a private message in order to know me. You are really selfish for addressing someone's lover as your fianceè but you still "happily" married with your husband and living with your kids.

The annoying feeling was at it worst when you keep on texting him on facebook message asking where has he been, what, and with who... Like he is a small kid, or your husband. 

You don't even have any rights to control him. Yes, he have planned to visit you at the first place, but it was cancelled due to his work-schedule. And our holiday was right after that, IT HAS BEEN PLANNED. It was coincident with her sister's death... He never lie to you about that, but you keep on asking him likewise he don't deserve to enjoy his holiday because of previously he had cancelled his plan to visit you. 

The main thing is that you have no rights to know what are his activities during his visit to Malaysia. He is an adult, not your son.

You are the reason for our argument. I knew him from 1998 till now, we were never have fight against each other, but we did on our holiday last November, and  the arguments were all about you. I'm really upset with that because it was totally ruined our holiday mood. That was the only chance for us to enjoy our vacation, get to know each other and meet up our families and relatives for our marriage planning. But you've crashed it with your envy, your madness and whatever you are not supposed to do to him. 

Some how I could not understand why are you unhappy with your life, your husband, and try to steal my only source of happiness... If you are not happy with your husband, how could you willing to have TWO KIDS with him? If it was me, I never think about to have even a kid with the person I'm not in love with. 

My man is a good guy. He does not prefer to have any issues with others and also you. He even advise me to limit my postings about him because of you. At first, I'm okay with that, but it really get into my nerve when he mention that you were try so hard to control his life. Even get mad so easily if found out any of his picture with girls. 

What's wrong with you? Who the hell are you trying to control his life? The latest, I know that you are now accepting the facts that he has his own life, and me as his future wife. I'm glad you've figure it out by yourself then... And we've plan to get married on 2016.

My advise is, get a life. Stop stalking my blog, stop telling him everything inside here. I've told him my concern, and enjoy your life. Get back to your husband. Make him happy. Rebuild your happy family, forget "him" as your crush. Treat that person as his suppose to be, your student.

I'm done with your drama. I don't care what makes you ill. I don't have to know. I don't need your lies. I choose to trust him.

Afterall, he is the one that I'm going to marry with. I do know he is some kind of sweet talker, polite and loves to pleased people around him. But those are not supposed to be the reasons for you to fall with him.

Please respect other people's life and relationship. Be grateful for everything that you've owned. Don't be so hypocrite, pretending to show simpathy for others, or make other people sympathy for you... Get a life, please!.


Maryam said...

Hai Aslina!

Saya jumpa blog awak lama dulu secara random. Harap awak tak kisah saya terus baca blog awak ye.

aslina majid said...

Hi Maryam!

Its okay... But this post was meant to someone else...

Maryam said...

Ok, Aslina. Thank you! ^_^

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